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Genomics Sequencing Policies:








Summary: All samples to be sequenced should be submitted with quality metrics to include at least an agarose gel (for sizing purposes) and preliminary quantitative data. Quality control charges will be applied as needed. All Library charges are per sample. All sequencing charges are per run (one flowcell). Prices includes labor, and barcoding/indexing. Most paired-end sample libraries will be created with ~350 bp insert size. The number of samples that can be multiplexed depends on the coverage required. With extra capacity available on a flowcell, your job may be queued until a the coverage capacity of the instrument is reached. Multiplexed samples may be mixed with other compatible samples. Highly multiplexed experimental sequencing should be designed using multiples of 12 to maximize our robotic preparation capability and keep your costs minimized. Additional costs for disposables associated with robotic sample prep will be passed to you the client.


Please submit samples must be submitted through an online form accessed HERE. (under validation testing) Eventually, all samples will require an online submission.


Not all library preparations are currently supported. More experience with these library preps will be needed. This is to protect YOU and YOUR money. If you need a complex library prep, we encourage you to prepare it yourself, or work in the center with center personnel to create the library (the first time...  after that if it a frquently requested procedure, we will write robotic protocols and offer it as a service).  A list of currently supported library preparations is provided on the Supported Libraries Page (Some current, some tentative).


We expect up to 400 million reads per run (HT) and 130 million reads per run (LT) on OSU Genomics center-prepared libraries (except for single-end runs) as predicted by Illumina, and by our experience with the instrument. Note that the NextSeq500 has only ONE flowcell (one lane).




We will not provide "per read" pricing under any circumstances.


The number of reads is not guaranteed because sample quality is highly variable and cannot be fully controlled. However, errors made by center personnel or malfunctions of the instrument itself will result in compensatory services. After quality control, we usually exceed the number of reads rated for an individual sequencing kit.


Customer-prepared libraries: You are welcome to create your own libraries for Illumina sequencing. Details are in the Sample Input Guidelines and can be accommodated by the online submission form.  We do NOT guarantee a minimum yield of sequences from a run with customer-prepared libraries.


We will perform in-house quality control metrics on all samples. These metrics may indicate your sample is unfit for library preparation, or your library is unfit for sequencing. If this occurs, your samples will not be queued or run, and you will be charged for the QC. If you request to run low-quality samples, you must purchase a full run, and your sample will not be mixed with other samples.


The "Internal rate" is charged when payment comes from Oklahoma State University. All other service is charged at the external rate or commercial rate. Contact us with questions.


Turn-around times will vary, and may be several weeks when the instrument queue comes online. Turnaround times will decrease over time. If the instrument is unable to run, anyone with samples in the queue will be notified.


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