Oklahoma State University
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Before bringing samples for sequencing,
all users must fill out the Google Form at:




Needed for completing submission:

1. Charge number or purchase order (we are working on accepting credit cards)
2. Samples that are high-quality, and in tubes or plates with whole-number labels that are legible
3. Information on sample concentrations and a gel image to show quality. Additional QC is welcome
4. A good idea of how your samples were prepared and how you want them to be sequenced
5. Multiplexed pre-made libraries must include the index sequence used for each sample


When complete, you will then receive an email verifying your submission, and indicating if further information or instructions are warranted.


You can then arrange to bring your samples to the Genomics center and your sample(s) will enter the QC queue.

After passing QC, your samples will enter the sequencing queue and an invoice will be sent. After sequencing you will receive a link to your data on the OSU TIGER cloud, part of the HPCC.

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