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We've had several tools online but they have been scattered about. Here's a page to bring them together for local users. Some of these tools existed a long time at OSU, others have been added more recently. Lets hope this helps!


BLAST programs available on Darwin and BIOinfOSU

Direct BLAST Search Links (BIOinfOSU)(Darwin)

Older Darwin BASE 1.2.8

Older Darwin LAD (Longhorn Array Database)

Darwin MIAMExpress - Microarray annotation and submission tool

Direct link to  GPAP 3.2 (Genepix auto processor)

Direct link to GPAP 3.0

Direct link to GPAP 2.0

Link to accessing the older iNquiry tools on the Mac X-server

Covert files from postscript (PS) format to PNG format using Darwin Convert Images

Use PHYLIP to generate a phylogenetic tree and R packages to produce binary matrix

Convert FASTA format to tab-delimited format