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USDA contracts for 454-sequencing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Hoyt   

Through a $75,000 three-year contract with the USDA in Ft. Detrick, MD, the Bioinformatics Core Facility is already sequencing microbial genomes using the new 454-Junior pyrosequencer in the HBRC. Data production has so far exceeded the "rated capacity" of the instrument, with each run generating as much as 64-million bases of high-quality read data (ave. read length 460bp). Congratulations to Dr. Hong Jin Hwang for excellence in getting the sequencing program up and running.


If you are wanting to have metagenomic sequencing performed at the HBRC core facilites, please contact Dr. Peter R. Hoyt to have your project placed into the rapidly grow queue of planned sequencing runs.


Note that after initial delays, the Hydroshear instrument from Digilab has been repaired, and should be back in the Core Facility (and tested) by the end of May. This will enable the "paired-end" sequencing many of you have been asking about.