Oklahoma State University
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The Bioinformatics Core Facility offers
Illumina NextSeq-500 high-throughput sequencing

For information on Illumina Sequencing pricing and methods visit the
Genome Sequencing Page

Additonal Services include:

  • All Blast services
  • Sequence assembly (de novo and to reference genomes)
  • Gene identification ("finding")
  • Trimming of vector and primer sequences
  • miRNA finding and prediction
  • Sequence alignments up to whole genomes
  • Sequence alignments between whole genomes
  • Phylogenetic Analyses
  • Biodiversity Analyses (OTU-based)
  • Primer design including whole genomes


PRICING:  $35 per hour MINIMUM.

Because of the immense variation in data analyzed by different research projects, please inquire regarding estimated costs. NOTE: We are NOT the JGI, nor JCVI. Extremely complex genomes must be assembled and annotated by teams of researchers. Until we have a larger team, we will occasionally have to refuse to take on new assembly and/or annotation projects. We have worked hard to streamline processes for many of these services to reduce costs, and some process are already scripted or "pipelined".  However, some processes are performed manually or in a semi-automated fashion. We will charge actual hourly efforts. If your budget is very tight, communication with Core Personnel is essential to prevent overcharges.

Note that BIOinfOSU charges will be used to prevent outdated equipment and supply service contracts.