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Please contact us if you have specific bioinformatics software needs. We will evaluate and install many software packages available to the research community. If we have a better solution to your needs, we'll tell you. If you just want a specific software for a specific reason (e.g. the output files are compatible with... it can import .... ), we understand, and we are here to help.


We do have software with graphical user interfaces for those of you who prefer them. For software with command line only access, we have a few websites where you may be able to use an in-house developed web-interface to submit data.


Our YENKO and Nextseq servers are being upgraded to provide sequencing data streaming during emergencies. For access to our YENKO tools, please be patient






"Darwin" Tools


We strongly recommend that researchers learn to use the outstanding OSU supercomputers (currently "Cowboy" soon to be "Pistol Pete") at the high performance supercomputing center!


Other Bioinformatics Computers we use when not using Cowboy:


Apple X-Serve cluster computer with six computer nodes each with a dual G5 processor.

Windows XP x64-based system with a quad-core processor and 8Gb of RAM is used exclusively for the GeneMapper software package. Under repair.

BIOinfohpc is a 64-bit, eight-core processor, 32Gb single node will allows decent number crunching for smaller lab projects. Runs Windows 10 and Windows Ubuntu.

Yenko (yenko.hbrc.okstate.edu) consists of Dell PowerEdge 1950 nodes each with 32Gb of RAM and two Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 5300 series processors at up to 3.0GHz.

Several desktop workstations are available within the Core Facility for immediate access to a few commercial and many free software packages, pre-installed and ready for your use. Unfortunately, we do not have a systems administrator to maintain or upgrade these workstations, and they are being phased out. Attend Software or Data Carpentry Workshops to learn how to access the HPCC supercomputers and run bioinformatics modules (and many other cool computational things).

To protect data, Dantz's Retrospect 7.0 is the primary backup solution for all the core facilities.